TellyBoard – Power Scheduler Policy

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Power scheduler policy

Power scheduler provides a way to automatically switch on and off the display without signage operator being present at the location. It works by cutting off power supply to the display at the end of the schedule and re-supply again according to the schedule being set either daily or weekly depending on the business needs.

For example, if your business is located inside a shopping mall you can simply schedule power on according to the timing of the mall operation hours. This not only resulted in optimal power usage but also prolonged the display life.

How to create power scheduler policy in TellyBoard?

To create power scheduler:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Power Scheduler and choose New
  3. Enter Power Policy Name
  4. Configure the Days,  action triggered (ON/OFF) and  Time
  5. Click on add button to add schedule
  6. Save

Once power scheduler is created, you can associate the it to the display:

  1. Go to the Displays menu
  2. Choose the display to associate with the power scheduler
  3. From the info menu at the right, click edit button next to Power Scheduler 
  4. Select Power Scheduler Policy
  5. Save

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