TellyBoard – FAQs

What are the media types supported by TellyBoard?

Our CMS supports meany media type such as:

  1. Image (jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, pcx, tga, tif, lbm, pbm, pgm, ppm, xmp)
  2. Videos (avi, mp4, mp3, mkv, wav, webm)
  3. Docs (pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx)

Can I upload multiple media files at once?


Does TellyBoard support portrait mode?

Yes, TellyBoard support both portrait and landscape mode. You can set the mode when adding the display in the CMS for the first time.

I want my screen to have multiple parts/zones. Can it be done?

Yes, you can divide your screen into multiple parts/zones and it can be done from the Layouts menu.

If the display is in offline mode will it still play it contents as scheduled?

Yes, internet connection is required when downloading new content from the server for the first time and will play without any issue when the display is in offline mode. Same goes to existing schedules.

Can I automatically turn on and off my display?

Yes, you can create a power scheduler and associate it to any of your display.

What version of LG webOS supported by TellyBoard?

Currently TellyBoard supported LG webOS 3.0 and later.

Can I control the display from TellyBoard?

Yes, you can control your display form TellyBoard such as reboot, volume, panel on/off and IR on/off.

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