TellyBoard – LIVE TV + Signage, is That Even Possible?

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Why bore your audience?

We understand that you wanted your brand to be seen and heard however, continuous and repetitive adds-only content will surely left your audience with frustration, especially at a place where they spend a significant amount of time such as coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. They must feel like “Must I watch those boring adds over and over again? Why can’t they show something else? Or perhaps change to other channels?” And you will starts to wonder whether if there’s a way to not only push your business info, promotions, advertisements, weather info, etc while at the same time keep the  audience entertained with LIVE TV content?  Well, the answer is YES!. With TellyBoard it is possible.

Keep the audience hooked

Combining LIVE TV with signage features will gives more dynamic experience in which we watch the TV. You can watch LIVE TV stream alongside with any promotions, advertisements or informational contents. Imagine when your audience watching a live sports match and at the same time they can also view live facebook, instagram or twitter feed or maybe news update scrolling at the bottom of the screen or maybe the promotion advertisement at the right side of the screen. Isn’t that brilliant? Not only you can keep the audience to stay longer but also helps to promote your business. It is a win-win situation.


LIVE TV  app allow you to showcase your TV channels along with customised signage content and in order for it to work, specialised hardware like LGwebOS screen or HDMI IN box is needed to use this app.

First, let’s add a LIVE TV from the Apps.

Broadcast LIVE TV

LIVE TV as a playlist media

There are two ways to broadcast LIVE TV. First it can be added to a playlist as a media. If this method is chosen it means that the duration for LIVE TV is set after which it moves to the next media within that playlist.


LIVE TV+Signage

If you want LIVE TV showcasing continuous events such as sports match, elections or even live performances and do not want it to be interrupted, it can be added to a fixed layout combining together with RSS, twitter feed, scrolling text, weather information, etc.

Let’s create a 3 zones layout which:

  1. Main Zone for LIVE  TV channel
  2. Banner Zone for image, promotion banner, weather info, etc
  3. RSS Feed

Next associate each zone with its respective content.

Once your layout is ready, add it to playlist and broadcast it to your channel.

While this might be the most user-friendly approach, it also comes with some restrictions. First of all, you need a strong and stable internet connections. Having a bad internet connection results in loss of service hence defeat the purpose of displaying the live content at the first place.

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