TellyBoard – How to create a playlist

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You can create a playlist to show the right content at the right time and speak to your right audience. Having a right playlist can help your brand to connect with the audience at deeper level. Here, we will guide you on how to create your own digital signage playlist.

Use the advantage of app that update themselves in your playlist such ass Live TV, Facebook, Instagraml, Youtube, news feed, sports and others to make your digital content more interesting for your audience. To use this type of content in your playlist, refer here.

Create your playlist

To create a playlist:

  1. Go to Playlist tab from left menu
  2. Select Add New Playlist
  3. Enter Playlist Name
  4. Add media content from Media Library on the right into Playlist
  5. You can drag and drop media content to change its order
  6. Check Stretch box to make sure your media will fit into your display screen
  7. Click Reverse icon if you wish to reverse media sequence
  8. Save

By default, each static content will play for 10 seconds, long enough to ensure it captures the audience’s attention. However, if you wish to show it for more than its default duration, simply adjust by click on the duration as below:

Once you have your playlist ready, you can start to broadcast it via channel. To learn more about this feature, go to Channel Broadcasting.

Playlist scheduling

Playlist scheduling can done upon channel broadcasting. This features helps to dynamically schedule time slots for the playlist to appear on the selected display. It allows you to repeat the same playlist either daily, hourly, weekly or monthly. This will help you to save time, especially when you have many playlist to run at a certain time period.

They are two types of playlist schedule – weekly schedule and cron schedule.

a. Weekly schedule

Weekly schedule is used when you want to run your playlist at certain day(s) of the week at a specific time. Here’s how to create a weekly schedule.

b. Cron schedule

Cron schedule is most suitable for scheduling a playlist at recurring intervals so that the playlist runs multiple times a day or at specific day, month or year. Here’s how to create cron schedule.

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