TellyBoard – Create Your QR Code in Canva

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What is QR code?

QR code works the same way as the barcode that you can easily find in stores. QR code is capable in storing lots of data and no matter how much of data it has, when scanned, it will allow the user to access the information instantly.

Canva: A go-to graphic design platform

Canva is one of the most popular and go-to graphic design platform widely used to create social media graphics, posters, brochures, business cards and more. In TellyBoard, we have Canva application integrated with it that enables users to easily create graphics for their signage contents.

How to create QR code in Canva from TellyBoard?

  1. Go to Apps tab from the left menu and select Canva
  2. Select design and click Create
  3. Log into your Canva account
  4. Create a new design or go to an existing design (from Folders on the left menu) that you want to add the QR code
  5. Select More from the left menu and choose QR code
  6. Enter the URL you want to use for the QR code
  7. Click Generate code
  8. Done! Now you have your QR code and it’s ready to be used

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