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In digital signage, layout give you the flexibility to broadcast your content to a display. Layout let the user to divide the screen into several zones or frames with each zone having different types of media files and are playing independently from each other. The first zone can run informative video or image and the second zone showcase promotion banner or weather info meanwhile the third zone wil have RSS feed scrolling at the bottom of the screen. Any combination of layout can be designed according to its use.

How to create your own layout?

Depending on the Layout you choose, you can customise the content for each zone individually upon playlist creation. To create new layout:

  1. Go to Layout tab
  2. Go to Add New Layout.
  3. Select layout template
  4. Select device orientation and device resolution. If custom, enter the zone height and width (HxW). Let and top is the zone position on screen, which considered as (0,0)
  5. You can add as many zone as you wish in a single layout
  6. Save layout
  7. Select each zone  and add media files from Media Library on the right to be played in a loop
  8. Select Reverse to change media files order or Stretch to ensure the media files fit perfectly to the screen resolution without showing black borders
  9. Click Save and your layout is ready to be used in the playlist

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