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Channel Concept

The concept of channel is to sort of grouping your displays together so that playlist(s) can be played to all the displays associated with the channel. This is to avoid the same playlist assigned to each and every display separately. Each display can only be added/associated to one channel which means once a display is added/associated to a channel, it cannot be added again to another channel.

To create a channel:

  1. Go to Channels from the left menu
  2. Select Add New Channel
  3. Add Channel Name and Channel Description
  4. Associate the displays to the channel accordingly and click continue
  5. Done!

Now you are ready to broadcast your channel.

Broadcast your channel

Once your channel is ready, you can start broadcast it:

  1. Click Broadcast and select channel (you can also create a new channel from here)

  2. Click Save & Continue

  3. Add playlist to the channel (or create new playlist)
  4. Set playlist schedule (if required), drag and drop media content  to rearrange them according to required order
  5. Click Broadcast (or use Preview button to visual channel’s output on screen)
  6. Lastly, within a few minutes your playlist will be reflected on the display(s) associated to that channel

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