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Design your own template

In TellyBoard, we have several pre-existing basic templates to help you design your own template for digital signage in just a couple of minutes. It is super easy to use and can be edited anytime and anywhere.

How it works?

To create a template, go to Templates tab from the left menu. Select any template design from the pe-existing templates list, change its background, adjust the placement of the elements, edit the text and save it before you publish it to displays.

You can also design your own template from scratch by:

  • Select the resolution of the canvas
  • Set the background colour or image
  • Add elements to your canvas either from the menu or upload them from your desktop
  • Add text, adjust the font size and colour
  • Save and publish it to displays

Once your template is saved, you can see it from the template list and can be edited whenever you want. This feature comes as a standard offering within CMS webos display signage platform.

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