CCTV Streaming direct to webos display

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You can monitor CCTV stream over a big screen without PVR. 

Did you know that there is a professional signage display that can play IP CCTV stream over IP network, without any external device? 

As IP CCTV is becoming popular in every part of our daily life whether it is for household or for B2B service operators, there are demands to monitor the CCTV streams over a big screen without PVR. Monitoring CCTV over a mobile phone application is already a way that a lot of people get used to. But, if you want to play CCTV stream over your own TV or signage display, you will need an external player or network PVR connected to your TV via HDMI port. This may be a simple option as the price of network PVR is now getting cheaper. Howerver, sometimes when there is no additional power and network cabling available at the display position, this can’t be an option. 

Then, what could be your another option available in the market? Here comes with LG webOS display and signage client application. 

LG webOS display comes with software RTSP player embedded; and all CCTV devices run the streams either in RTSP or http or even HLS. All those streams are supported by webOS display. Sounds simple? But, there is one more thing that is challenging that normal smart TV cannot support. All IP CCTV streams nowadays run stream with ID and Password for security. That means that your software player needs a feature that can decode the stream with ID and Password. Normal smart TV does not have this feature, while webOS display comes with this feature.  

Just like you download mobile application to monitor your CCTV stream, you can download our signage application for webOS display and monitor your CCTV streams in your big webOS signage display screen. 

How it works

You can simply key in your CCTV stream URL into our signage CMS and schedule the service to display on webOS signage display.

  1. Download webOS display application into your signage display.
  2. Key in your CCTV stream URL into signage CMS and schedule this URL as a playlist item.
  3. Broadcast the playlist to the webOS display you wish to broadcast.

Typically, example of RTSP url with authentication is likely to be below; or similar:


Signage application can be downloaded from our cloud signage service; or we can set up the service at your site. 

Compatible Devices

There is a broad range of webOS signage display available depending on your site requirements. 

Only display with webOS 4.0 version above can support RTSP with authentication. 

Models supported:

  • SM5KE (FHD display — 32″, 49″, 55″)
  • SM3G (FHD display – 22″)
  • SH7E (FHD display with high brightness – 43″, 49″, 55″)
  • UM3(D)F (UHD display – 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″)
  • UH5F (UHD display with even bezel – 75″, 86″, 98″)
  • UH7F (UHD display with high brightness – 43″, 55″, 65″)
  • VH7E (UHD video wall display – 49″, 55″)

If you already have your display and if you wish to run CCTV with signage service, then you can use webOS signage player: (Any display with HDMI port will work)

  • WP400


Advantages and Benefits

For CCTV streaming service over a big screen, the benefits and advantages you can get. 

Simple Connection and Simple Maintenance

  • You don’t need network PVR. Just webOS display to monitor CCTV stream.
  • You can run service only with power outlet behind the webOS display. [webOS display supports wifi connection and comes with embedded RTSP player with authentication]
  • You can have your customized information together with CCTV stream; for example, show your in-house advertisement banner on the right and announcement text scroll at the bottom. 

Service Examples


Security Center

Typically at security center, they hang a lot of displays with multiple network PVR connected to each of displays to monitor all the CCTV streams. Due to the cabling issues with power and HDMI, there can be a limitation on setting up the service.

webOS display can eliminate the troubles of cabling and flexibly show different CCTV stream immediately without any complicated cabling. You just need to set up webOS display. 



Let your team welcome visitors and partners when they come. Monitor, at your your office wall display,  of who is coming and waiting at waiting room or lobby.

Utilize this display as an internal company announcement board, informing employees of company news and employee of the month etc. 

You just can hang the webOS display on the wall and connect the power. You don’t need another power or player. 


Place for Kids

Big screen can be useful for parents to monitor kids at Kids’ indoor playground at shopping mall or at Kindergarten. 

Thanks to the flexibility of webOS display for installation, display can be set up at any location and get the IP cctv stream over wifi network. With just a display and the power outlet.  

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